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Updates About Dredging in Port of Santos

Please note as per Dock Co. information, the deepening of Santos Port Canal reached 14.3 meters at a certain point of the canal comprising almost 16 kilometers.

It is estimated that remaining mud from the bottom of the Harbor will be removed until next year i.e. on the 31st of March.

The “trail” on which vessels navigate through the canal has 24.6 Kilometers and the new minimum depth from the entrance of the port until about shed
n º26 (16 kilometers) covering ADM and Cargill terminals has already reached 14.3 meters.

The remaining 8.6 kilometers, between about shed nº 26 and Alamoa which comprises Cosan, Teaçu, Copersucar and Noble terminals have yet to suffer any changes and remain with 12.20 meters only.

Williams (Serviços Marítimos)