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Sugar and Containers Have Granted a New Record to Port of Santos.

Sugar shipments and increase of containers handling were responsible for a new operational record of Santos complex. During October the port has handled 9.49 million tons of cargo. This is a historical mark which represent an increase of 22% in comparison with October/2009.

Sugar shipments reached to 2.52 million tons, which represents an amazing increase (43.2%) also in comparison with Oct/2009 when Port has exported 1.76 million tons. The shipments still in a very high level due to optimistic scenario in the world which has changed to Brazil the condition of principal Supplier of the market. There was a break of sugar crop in countries like India and Thailand, which were in dispute with Brazil of the past years.

Despite of that the price of commodity still in a interesting level at New York (USA) which is favorable to keep the production when compared to Ethanol.

Williams (Serviços Marítimos)