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Dredging in Port of Paranagua

The Parana State Port Administration has obtained a license from the Brazilian Enviromental and Renewable Natural Resources Institute (IBAMA) for maintenance dredging of the berths of the port of Paranagua. This dredging work will restore the original depths of each berth and should be concluded in the first months of next year.

After the berths have been dredged, the port of Paranagua will be better prepared to attend the great demand during the next Brazilian grain season.

The company that will do the work should be contracted on an emergency basis and it is expected that the dredging should start about 10 days after the contract has been signed, and it will then take another ten days for conclusion of the work. Approximately 110 thousand cubic meters of sediments should be removed from the berths.

Williams (Serviços Marítimos)