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New Immigration and Health Rules

Health Authority - News Rules:

Health Inspectors will be board all vessels to perform a very strict inspection and will require the vessel to present the valid ship sanitation and cockroach/rat fumigation certificate as well. After inspection, they may order the vessel to be fumigated by shore personnel, if considered necessary. Company to present the valid Certificate issued within the last 6 months.

Immigration Authority - New Rules at Recife and Suape:

All seafarers must hold valid seamen's book issued by a country which is signatory of the ILO Conventions 108 and 185. This is an international convention known worldwide and the immigration authority at RECIFE and SUAPE are now enforcing this convention accordingly.

In case of non compliance, the vessel will be fined. The fine will cost R$ 828,00 appx USD 500.00, per crewmember not holding a valid seaman's book. As immigration is also applying a "reincidence" penalty in almost all cases, the fine can reach very high levels.

Important reminder: Philippines, Republic of Korea and China are not on this list.

Williams (Serviços Marítimos)