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Updates on Dredging Works at Port of Santos

Port Ministry announced the completion of three stages of the dredging works. FYI, its fourth and final stage (comprising the area of the keel of Santos port canal only) should be completed until next September.

The stretch covering the entrance of the canal, all the way into shed 06 (sections 1, 2 and 3), was deepened with 15 meters. Before, it had between 12-13 meters. Still remains section 4, which covers shed 06 into Alamoa terminal. Section 1,2 and 3 sum 19 kilometers, remaining 5 kilometers to go. Such services began on February 2010.

After that, dredging works will be focused on the deepening of the "Evolution Basins" (beginning 50 meters away from the piers in direction to the middle of the canal) and then afterwards, the final part covering the piers and its approaches. Dates of expected conclusion of these stretches still undivulged by local ruling Port Authority.

Williams (Serviços Marítimos)