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Developments on dredging of Santos Harbor.

The implosions of the "Itapema stone" have been finalized on last Saturday. Such service took 16 days.

The next step will be the removal of the pieces of stones/rocks resulting from the implosions of the "Itapema and Teffé stones" left over there. The implosions of the "Teffé rock", nearby shed n. 25, were concluded on the
end of last month.

The completion of such job is foreseen on February 20th, 2012. The removal of fragmented material is going to be executed through another type of dredger i.e. a clamshell which contains mechanical claws on format of shell.
The full scope of this service constitutes on the removal of 20 thousand cubic meters of pieces of stones/rocks from one of "Teffé" and 11 thousandcubic meters from the one of "Itapema".

FYI, different from the implosions, the removal of the pieces of stones/rocks will not require the interdiction of the navigation canal on a daily-basis as it had been happening during the period of implosions, but during the days that
the port does not receive cruise Ships only.

Such service comprising the removal of the stones and its resulting pieces is essential on the context/process of the deepening (from 13 meters to 15 meters) and widening (from 150 meters to 220 meters) of the canal of Santos port, which will lead to simultaneous navigation on both ways/directions during several parts of the harbor once the existence of both rocks hampered the traffic at Santos port, cause due to their localizations, the navigable part of the canal ended-up getting narrowed.

Williams (Serviços Marítimos)