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Interdiction of Pier PGL - 1 at port of Suape

The PGL-1 Terminal will be interdicted from 07:00 to 17:00hrs on February 17th in order to conclude welding on the mooring bollards and therefore no vessels will be allowed to berth or remain at berth during that period.

After this period, vessels up to 160m long will be allowed to berth at any one of the berths in the Terminal. Vessels above 160m long and up to a maximum length of 200m will be allowed to berth at the WEST berth starting on February 20th.

The EAST berth will only be available for berthing by vessels of more than 160m long and up to 200m long after the concrete applied in the above repairs has cured, which is estimated for around February 29th.

Williams (Serviços Marítimos)