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News about the stoppage by stevedores.

The port of Santos will have an experimental scale as from tomorrow (Friday / June 15th,2012).

Aforementioned measure starts tomorrow aiming at re-establishing normality of the operations on the port and evaluate the working system of the Stevedores.

Even with the resistance of the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT), the judge of the Labor Regional Tribunal (TRT) determined the implementation, as from tomorrow, of an experimental plan on the scale of the laborers. The measure will be in force during seven consecutive days, with the compromise of the Stevedores of striving to the most on such scale, so that the operations in the port return to its normality. That was the result of the audience of conciliation taken place yesterday on the Labor Regional Tribunal (TRT).

The agreement was tied-up by the judge of the Labor Regional Tribunal (TRT) as mentioned above.

Useful to point out that SOPESP (Syndicate of the Port Operators) and the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT), understand that the laborers are on strike. But, the Stevedores allege that they have always put themselves at the full disposition to work. They say that the new system of electronic scale implemented by the OGMO, already imposing the break of 11 hours between the working journeys, does not work-out.

The experimental plan will contemplate the previous system of scale and the current one, by two different/distinct sides of each Syndicate. Such tasks will be accompanied by a representative of the Labor Regional Tribunal (TRT), specialized on maritime/port work plus another two experts of the segment as well as by officers of the own Labor Regional Tribunal (TRT).

Williams (Serviços Marítimos)