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Kindly note that During the past weekend, to be more precise on the dawn of Sunday (Sept. 16th) during the passage of a vessel under her sailing maneuver called "Coal Hunter" (fully laden with soya beans + sugar + maize), the vessel which was berthed at shed n. 38 (Export Corridor) called "Yusho Regulus" (fixed to load 66,000 m/t soya beans ex Santos port), under allegations of fast speed by the "Coal Hunter", moved rapidly through the pier and also stood off from the jetty causing severe damages to both Ship
loaders situated at such terminal.

Under such happening/circumstance, M/V "Yusho Regulus" remains idle alongside ever since waiting for developments on the resumption of works by the terminal.

According to fresh info from terminal's management/principals, repairs on the damaged corner (nose) of their Ship loader n. 1 is already in progress with works resumption prospect for "tomorrow" i.e. on September 18th P.M., AGW.

In regards to the other/their 2nd Ship loader, unfortunately (as shown on the attached pictures), same has been totally destroyed and apparently, terminal shall have to purchase/install a new one over there without any prospects for such yet.

Taking into consideration all the above, ETB of the plenty Ships waiting for berthing over there presently anchored at Santos roads will suffer a considerable impact/delay since terminal's loading rate will decrease to the half while a second Ship loader is not fitted/installed over there.

Williams (Serviços Marítimos)