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The removal of the pieces of the TEFFÉ stone, which were on the bottom of the navigation canal of Santos port, was concluded on November 12th. But, the area of the harbor between shed n. 25 and 26, where the pieces of the stone were located, will remain isolated till a bathimetry be conducted and results analyzed by Dock Co. Such report/analysis shall be known soon.

Knowledge of results will be necessary to prove that the pieces of the stone have been fully removed from the harbor's canal. In the event of any rest of pieces remaining over there, same will be removed separately.

Immediately after removal of the residues of the TEFFÉ stone, the engaged equipments were positioned for the removal of the parts of the ITAPEMA stone which was scheduled to begin on November 13th. According to expectations of Dock Co., such job should be concluded within approximately 30 days, AGW.

The removal of both aforementioned stones, linked to the dredging works, makes part of the deepening and widening project of the Santos port's canal. Such jobs will lead to the navigational draft of the canal with 15 meters and 220 meters of breadth.