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The adjustments required on the section 2 of the dredging works of Santos harbor canal will start to get intensified on the next week (first days of December) in order to correct eventual reductions on its depth. The area comprises the beginning of the access canal till about shed n. 25.

The bigger dedication to the section was defined in a meeting held recently between the Bureau of Ports and the Dock Co.. This part of the canal has to present 15 meters of depth. Nowadays, there are still spots with 14,5 meters.

The discovery of the inconsistences on such section was made by the Center of hydrography of the Navy, responsible for the analysis of the bathymetry (test which verifies the depth). It received the first data of the section 2 on last September. With the identification of the troubles, it will be necessary to make a new dredging on specific points of such area/section.

Similar problem occurred with the first section, which will have its second bathymetry forwarded to the Navy on the next couple of days.

As per explanations of Dock Co., the adjustments on the second section had been happening yet, but should be intensified as from next couple of days. So far, the priority belonged to the section 1, so its bathymetry could be protocoled towards the Navy. Upon conclusion of all outstanding at section 1, the equipment (dredger) will be free to act at section 2.

The expectation of the Bureau of Ports, as recently informed during meeting, is that sections 1 and 2 have the 15 meters of depth made official till the end of the year. The sections 3 and 4 will turn to 2013. The legal ratification of the canal thoroughly of the Santos port complex should occur by March, 2013.