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Dredging to start in the Port of Antonina

The dredger for the second phase of dredging of critical points in the Galheta Channel has arrived in Antonina. This dredger is also Chinese and has a cistern with a capacity for five thousand cubic meters. It will dredge the section from the access channel to the port of Antonina. Phase two is scheduled to remove 1 million cubic meters in five months.

The port administration superintendent, Luiz Henrique Dividino, explains that "after dredging the access channel to the port of Antonina, we will be able to achieve a depth of more than 8 meters, which will considerably improve navigating conditions in Antonina.

The Paranagua and Antonina Port Administration (Appa) has already concluded the first phase of dredging of the critical points in the Galheta Channel from the entrance channel to the port of Paranagua. This work started last July and was concentrated in different areas of the channel where the silting up was the worst, thereby returning the Galheta channel to its original depth of 15 meters and width of 200 meters.

At the point where constant silting up was registered, the width of the channel was increased from 200 to 225 meters over a length of 1,650 meters. "We are complying with orders from the Governor, Beto Richa, to offer safer navigation and make the port more competitive. The conclusion of the first phase of work has already produced results as larger vessels are able to arrive in Paranagua. By dredging in Antonina, we are fulfilling our obligation with the governor in relation to Antonina which had not been dredged in 15 year", Dividino explained.

The final depth soundings showed that about 2.7 millions cubic meters of sediments were removed from the channel in the first phase. The Chinese dredger has already left the port of Paranagua.

Appa is paying for the cost of the dredging of the critical points in the Galheta Channel, which is R$ 37 million.