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It was concluded on the past week the removal of the majority of the pieces of the vessel "Ais Giorgis" which remained on the bottom of the navigation canal of Santos harbor after sinking decades ago. Such conclusion was announced by the Secretary of Ports (SEP).

It was removed the pieces/parts of the vessel which were lying till the depth of 16 meters. Part of the keel of her cargo hold nš 1 and of the corner of her poop were left there since both parts are buried down to 21 meters. According to the SEP (Secretary of Ports), such material does not represent any problem once the area will have a depth of 15 meters.

Besides the conclusion of the removal job, soundings and bathymetry are also foreseen in order to verify the depth of such region and if by any instance, there has been any part or obstacle left on the place of said vessel's wreck. Basis on the elimination of such last interference on the canal, dredging works will be resumed on such area for further ratification of the new depth by the Brazilian Navy, as per explanations of the President of CODESP/DOCK Co. (Port Administration Authority).

Useful to point out that the pieces of the vessel were lying on the bottom of the channel on the direction of the sheds 15 and 16, close to the left margin. Beginning of such operation had begun on October of 2011.

Therefore, please be guided accordingly.