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TABLE-Russia raw sugar imports up 29.5 pct in 2007

MOSCOW, - Russia imported 3.4 million tonnes
of raw sugar last year, 29.5 percent more than in 2006, data
released on Thursday by the Federal Customs Service (FCS)

Imports rose from the start of the year on expectations of a
higher seasonal tariff, which failed to materialise, and ahead
of the setting of a tariff of $220-$270 per tonne from December
2007 to the end of May 2008.

White sugar imports rose 4.3 percent to 117,000 tonnes in
the whole of 2007, the data showed.

Raw sugar imports rose in value to $1.11 billion in 2007
from $1.07 billion in 2006. White sugar imports rose in value to
$53.5 million from $52.5 million.

The FCS said Russian imports of coffee rose, while imports
of cocoa beans declined.