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The CODESP (Port Administration Authority) expects for the end of this month the homologation (legal ratification) of the new depth of the section 2 of the navigation canal of Santos harbor.

According to the president of *CODESP (*also known as DOCK Co.), such section, comprised between shed n. 39 and shed n. 26, already possesses 14,50 meters of depth.

Due to some unexpected circumstances regarding unconformity of the bottom, depth prevailing on such area now of 14,50 meters instead of 15,00 which is the original plan/programme.

Therefore, the dredging jobs in such section will continue till reaching the depth of 15,00 meters as desired/programmed. Anyhow, the data of the bathymetry showing the current depth of 14,50 meters have already forwarded to the main office of the Brazilian Navy in Rio de Janeiro city.

Concerning section 1 of the navigation canal, which comprises the entrance of the anchorage till shed n. 39, the President clarifies that its depth, in spite of the dredging works performed over there, remain with 13,00 meters mainly caused by the movements of the waters and the bad sea conditions resulting from heavy adverse weather conditions from the last winter season which prejudiced the fixing of the sediments.

Thence, section 1 keeps the 13,00 meters of depth and the breadth of the canal's entrance bent still having 220 meters instead of 250 meters as programmed to reach.

On the sections 3 and 4 of the canal, the dredging works performed so far could not deepen the depth which remains with the draft 12,20 meters.

The canal of Santos port offers seaworthiness on both directions simultaneously almost throughout its extension. The obstacles that existed, such as the Teffé and Itapema stones and the parts of the wrecked/sunk vessel "Ais Giorgis", have already been totally removed by the Federal Government.