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It has been officially announced by Santos harbor port authorities the deepening of the Santos harbor access canal to the new draft of 13,20 meters (at low tide) / being able to reach 14,20 meters (at high tide when its peak goes to 1,00 positive).

Such official announcement was divulged by the Brazilian Navy through the Port Captaincy of Santos harbor which for the time being, comprises the section between the entrance of the access canal and the shed nš 26 ONLY.

In spite of such, the majority of the terminals will be unable to take advantage of it due to its limitations in regards to the draft of own piers.

According to the president of the DOCK Co. (CODESP), the deepening of several piers could not take place/be performed due to the fact that of their very old construction thus leading to non-capacity/structure to support drastic deepening alterations on their bottom.

At last, double navigation (2 Ships crossing each other at the same time) with deeper berthing/sailing drafts will be allowed on such section/range, but just after simulations to take place on the next weeks.