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According to World Health Organization (WHO) there are some Countries/Ports NOT authorized to issue Sanitation Control Certificates, please check the list of Countries/Port AUTHORIZED/RECOGNIZED to issue such document

If current vesselīs Sanitation Control Certificate NOT issued by one of the listed Countries/Ports consequently a new one must be arranged locally at Santos in order to obtain Free Pratique to the vessel.

In this respect, LOADING/DISCHARGE TERMINAL should not accept vessel to berth till new/valid Sanitation Certificate issued and FREE PRATIQUE duly granted to the vessel. However final confirmation subject to the assigned TERMINAL.

Notwithstanding, due to this issue regarding Sanitation Certificate/FREE PRATIQUE agents are NOT ABLE to coordinate ANY KIND OF INSPECTION Upon vesselīs arrival at PORT ANCHORAGE since NOBODY is allowed to board the vessel before FREE PRATIQUE DULY granted.

Consequently vessel should call LAY-BY-BERTH for Sanitary Inspection/issuance of Sanitation Certificate and afterwards FREE PRATIQUE or alternatively PORT HEALTH AUTHORITY to proceed to port anchorage, however it is NOT guaranteed the PORT HEALTH OFFICER will board the vessel at PORT ANCHORAGE for Sanitary Inspection/Issuance of Sanitation Certificate/FREE PRATIQUE according to them they have NO obligation to proceed to port anchorage, thus last and best option to the vessel is to proceed to a lay-by-berth.

Regarding viability of obtaining a lay-by-berth, we would like to anticipate that nowadays it is extremely difficult/hard to achieve a lay-by-berth here in Santos owing to the fact that most of the berths available at Santos harbor have been privatized and the very few ones remaining as public (under care of the State Government) have very shallow draft or the deeper ones are always under occupation of Ship(s) operating/handling cargo i.e. without almost gap at all.

As a matter of fact, Santos harbor does not possesses a specific "lay-by-berth" and thus, chances of succeeding in arranging such will be a very hard mission. As a consequence, in case availability of any LAY-BY-BERTH, it will just be known on daily-basis when proceeding to the Dock port meeting and applying for same always respecting the prevailing local port regulation of "first come, first served".

At last, vessel may face long delays to obtain INWARD CLEARANCE/FREE PRATIQUE due to the facts exposed above.

Please be guided accordingly.