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Good Day!

Kindly note below Message from Recife Pilotage Association to Dock Company:

Recife, December 3rd, 2013

Dear Sirs,

Several pilots have reported the strange behaviour of ships manoeuvring in Recife, possibly on account of areas with less than expected depths. At least two or three times, ships have not moved off the quay in spite of the use of the tugboats at full force, and draughts, tides and depths considered compatible. There have been groundings or contact with the bottom in areas that should have sufficient water to be able to pass with that draught and those tide conditions. Vessels have not been able to make the curve to enter, in spite of using full force of their engines and the tugboats, probably since they feel the bottom, as is customarily stated when a ship feels "the bank effect".

All of the above phenomena can be explained by the reduction of the real depths caused by the natural silting up of the estuary area of the Capibaribe and Beberibe Rivers, aggravated by the dredging work underway in both basins, which raises sediments to facilitate their transportation to be deposited in the port region.

To follow up the actual situation of depths, and to make it possible to determine depths precisely to avoid groundings and accidents with extremely damaging consequences, we believe it is necessary to perform a control bathymetry since the last readings by bathymetry were taken long ago. We request the port and maritime authorities to take the necessary steps to guarantee navigational safety, the integrity of the port installations, free access to the channel and to avoid eventual pollution and losses on account of accidents.

Certain of your comprehension, we remain

Hans Hutzler
Pernambuco Pilots


Keeping you duly posted!