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As announced by Appa (Paranagua Dock Co.), Internal and External Petrobras piers will be interdicted to perform a fourth analysis on the underwater berth structure.

The Internal Pier will be interdicted from May 05th, 2014 until May 07th, 2014. During this period the Petrobras Internal Pier will not operate.

Regarding the External pier the operations will be interrupted as follows:

- May 05th - 07th from 07:00H a.m. to 06:00H p.m.

During the above period the Petrobras External Pier will not operate, nevertheless vessels are allowed to operate at the External pier from 06:00H p.m. until 07:00H a.m.

As previously mentioned, the analysis on the the underwater berth structure, was split in 5 phases. The last one is expected to start on May 19th.

Keeping you duly posted.

Paranagua Dock Co