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The Administration of the port of Paranaguá and Antonina (Appa) disclosed that will perform the first operation in a trial basis in the berth 213 next Monday (February 16th, 2015).

The vessel M/V "HUI AN HAI" is scheduled to load 8,000 mt of wheat and it will be use on her operation only one of the new shiploaders.

Despite the operation of the vessel M/V "HUI AN HAI", Appa said the berth in 213 remains interdicted until the completion of construction of the second shiploaders, which is expected to be completed on March 1st, 2015.

As for the other two berths (212 and 214), Appa stated that the replacement of old shiploaders will occur after the month of August, the equipment will be mounted in areas that will not prejudie the flow operations of the crop in 2015.

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