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Minas Gerais are being responsible for "saving" the crop for
ethanol and sugar mills of the center-south of the country.
Ethanol consumption in the state jumped 130.4% from
January to August this year compared to the same period
last year. Demand grew from March, when the state
government reduced the ICMS (Tax on Goods and Services)
on ethanol from 19% to 14% and increased the rate on
gasoline from 27% to 29%. According to the ANP (National
Agency of Petroleum), consumption of ethanol in Minas
reached 1.075 billion liters from January to August, against
466.99 million liters in the first eight months of 2014. Until
August, 11.5 billion liters of ethanol in Brazil were sold: São
Paulo demanded 6.18 billion, followed by Paraná (1.09
billion) and Mines. In Paraná, which charges 18% of ICMS
on biofuel, the growth was 42.3% from January to August
this year. The expansion of the market is seen as a way to
give vent to the output of 37 power plants in operation in the
state -8 closed in recent years – which should generate 1.8
billion liters of ethanol this season.

Folha de Sao Paulo