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New Sugar Terminal To Be Built in Suape

The sugar mills of Pernambuco state will receive an important reinforcement for refined sugar exports. A public assembly last Tuesday defined the details for the installation of a new sugar terminal in Suape – an investment of around R$ 75 million.

The sugar terminal will be installed in an area of 7 hectares in the industrial zone of the port of Suape. The bids and the study of the feasibility of the job were presented at the public assembly. “The operation is different because the product to be operated at this terminal is refined sugar. Production of this product here in the Northeast is still not very great but the sugar mills are starting to increase production by making improvements and installing sugar refineries”, the vice president of the Port of Suape, Sidnei Aires, informed.

The investment of the construction of the new terminal is US$ 40 million. The storage capacity is 120,000 tons, with expected earnings of R$ 3 million per year. This represents 5% of the revenue of the port of Suape.

The sugar terminal should be ready for operation by the end of this year. The construction will create jobs for 50 people directly and 200 indirectly.

WILLIAMS (Serviços Marítimos)