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The 32 sugar mills that were in operation in the South-Central in the second half of February sued a volume of 2.694 million tons of sugarcane and produced 52k tons of sugar and 132 million liters of ethanol, according to data of the Union of industry Cane Sugar (Unica). The volumes for all products far outweigh the manufactured in the same period last year when few mills were in operation during the period considered atypical for the processing of sugar cane, due to excessive rain. According to Unica, in the second half of the month will still be in harvest 25 units. The growth was due to a combination of a volume of cane, more attractive prices of sugar and ethanol and, in some cases, the complicated financial situation of companies, said technical director of Unica, Antonio de Padua Rodrigues. According to the entity, between the beginning of December and February 16th, the mills of the region processed more than 37 million tons of sugarcane. Since the beginning of the season 2015/16 until the first half of this month, the sugarcane crushing reached 602.688 million tons, an increase of 5.63% compared to the same period of 2014/15. The cumulative sugar production was 30.7 million tons, down 3.90%, and ethanol (total) 27.576 billion liters, up 5.75% - and 10.6 billion liters of anhydrous ( down 2.45%) and 19.968 billion liters of hydrous (up 11.62%).

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