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The increase in world corn production in the coming years will be driven by Latin America. This is highlighted by the study "Agricultural Outlook 2017/26", recently published by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). According to the report, Latin America will contribute 28% of the total increase in corn production, approximately 39 million tons. Of this amount, one quarter will be due to the increase in planted area, which will increase by 6.6%, an increase from 33.5 million hectares in the base period to 35.7 million hectares in 2026. According to the OECD and the FAO, Asia and the Pacific will account for 24% of the increase in global cereal production, about 33 million tons. Unlike Latin America, growth in Asia and the Pacific will be almost exclusively due to increased productivity. In turn, North America will contribute 31 million tons, 22% of the total increase. In the period under review, with the exception of soyabeans, world grain production will grow by about 1% per year, which will lead to a total increase in wheat by 11% in 2026, 14% in corn, 10% in grains and 13% for rice.

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